High blood pressure symptoms: Three warning signs you should never ignore

High blood pressure symptoms can be mistaken for other, less serious, health conditions, but also in many cases symptoms don’t show. If they do develop, one of the more obvious signs is nosebleeds. Some signs you may choose to ignore because they’re usually associated with less serious health problems. But three to note are headaches, nausea and facial flushing, according to Superdrug Online Doctor. High blood pressure: The one activity to lower blood pressure

High blood pressure – the BEST cooking oil for hypertension

While it’s unlikely these are symptoms of high blood pressure it’s always important to get these checked out by your GP. Headaches

These are very common but can indicate high blood pressure.

According to a paper in the Iranian Journal of Neurology, high blood pressure can cause headaches because it affects the blood-brain barrier.

It can result in excess pressure on the brain, which can cause blood to leak from the blood vessels in the organ.

If it isn’t this, the online doctor advises: “There are a variety of causes such as stress headaches, migraines, or sinusitis.

“They may also be side effects of some types of medication.”

This is a common health problem linked to a number of different health conditions, but can also be a sign of high blood pressure.

You should be wary of other causes however.

It says: “This may be due to a variety of conditions including pregnancy, gastroenteritis, as a side effect of some types of medication, alcohol, and sometimes even due to anxiety.” Facial flushing

Again, this is not an uncommon health problem, but could be linked to high blood pressure.

But the online doctor states: “This may be due to alcohol, being too hot, spicy food, food allergy, skin allergy or even hot flashes associated with the menopause.” High blood pressure symptoms: This toilet habit could be a sign

High blood pressure – how many bananas should you eat?

One way to prevent the development of high blood pressure is to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

So when it comes to the first meal of the day, what should you be eating? One option is eggs.

One study claimed the proteins in eggs produce specific chemicals, that are know as peptides, which act as a similar way as common blood pressure medication.

And fried eggs could be more beneficial than hard-boiled eggs, said Blood Pressure UK.

“These peptides work to block the production of a chemical called angiotensin, which raises blood pressure.

“The study used a model of the human digestive system to show that fried and boiled eggs produced a significant amount of these angiotensin-blocking peptides.

“In fact, fried eggs appeared to produce even more than boiled.

“These findings suggest that eating cooked eggs may therefore have an effect at lowering your blood pressure.”

Banana and yoghurt could also be good options in the morning to keep your blood pressure normal .

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